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Why are ID TAGS necessary? Did you know that:
  • Nationwide, pets that become lost and are not wearing tags are recovered only ten percent of the time.
  • Free-roaming pets without tags are avoided or ignored by the general public for much longer than those wearing identification tags.
  • Free-roaming pets without tags are more likely to be abused by strangers.
  • Pets wearing identification are more likely to receive emergency medical attention than unidentified pets.
  • Animal control facilities are more likely to destroy unidentified animals on schedule than those arriving with identification tags.
  • More people are willing to approach unmoving animals who are wearing identification tags than those who are not and, if an animal was killed, they are more likely to inform the family.
  • Identification tags are universally recognized and free-roaming pets wearing them are considered to be lost rather than abandoned.
  • Given these facts, ID Tags should not be optional. Please keep tags on your pet at all times.

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