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Ever think much about your pet's safety? Most of us don't until it's too late and there's a crisis. Take a minute and find out what your pet's risk level for loss or injury is by answering a few multiple choice questions. No personal information is requested and you'll get your answer immediately after submitting the test.

Your participation in this test is completely anonymous and no record of the result is maintained by Alabama Pet Registry. If you'd like to know more about your rating, print a copy of the completed test and contact us for a personal explanation.

(1)  How Long Have You Had The Dog?

(2)  Dog's Age Is:

(3)  Spayed/Neutered?

(4)  Where Dog Stays:

(5)  If Outside, Is:

(6)  Wears A Collar Or Harness?

(7)  Wears Visible ID?

(8)  Family Home Is:

(9)  Is Your Residential Community:

(10)  Are There Any Animal Control Ordinances In Your Community?

(11)  How Long Have You Lived At Your Current Residence?

(12)  No. Of Children In The Household Under Age 8 years of Age:

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