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One Snag-Free,
Collar Tag
for plastic snap
or metal buckle
type collars.

Order Collar Tags

NOTE: The collar intended for this product must be made of nylon or similar material that can be easily bent or folded lengthwise.

  Collar tags are $8.25 each.
  Shipping and taxes are included.
  All completed orders are submitted to the engraver on the first business day following receipt of the order.
  Please allow ten calendar days for delivery.
  Contact APR for order status at 205-969-2241 or 800-969-2241.
  All collar tags are engraved in UPPER CASE LETTERS.

Collar Tags
Tag Engraving Information

The field names below are just a guide. You can enter any information in any order that you like, however, you are limited to the number of characters for each line.
Size: Measure and match your pet's collar width to one of the following sizes
Pet's Name (14 characters)
Owner Name (18 chars.)
Telephones (20 chars.)
Street Address & Apt # (25 chars.)
City (20 chars.)
State (2 chars.)
NOTE: Zip Codes are not routinely included in the engraving because they are rarely necessary in pet/owner recoveries.

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